Camatkara means “astonishment.” This book of poetry reveals a personal journey of discovery. The poems in this collection show how a painter uses words to express profound moments in his life’s experience, all leading towards an awakening of ecstatic wonder.

The book cover is a painting by Synn Kune, The Tipping Point. See other paintings here, and here – with most recent exhibition here: Paintings 2015

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List Price: $20.00; 6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm); Black & White on Cream paper; 124 pages; Alpha Glyph Publications; ISBN-13: 978-0978170547

This amazing book will transport you on a wonderful journey through love, loss and acceptance. You’ll be unable put this book down as you are guided on a personal heart felt story of love, compassion and encouragement in life’s challenging moments, written in prose and sprinkled with beautiful poetry. ~ Helena Quo Vadis