Synn Kune Dedication


faces lots of challenges,

how can he handle it?

he came up from toronto

Synn Kune Loh

Art? the best in, no question

galleries never expected it

listen up, he is the new hit

upcoming emergence

beyond it, never heard of it

he is stronger than an axe,

no chopping

just brush strokes on the canvas

with his tools, never making a fool

supporting his best friend and companion.

normal men, could never even stand it

stronger than the eiffel tower still standing.

pardonez moi, excuse me as I tell the truth,

life is unexpected so happy, yet blue.

never worry, synn kune is here to prosper,

may sound preachy, but this is no gospel.

just honest words about a good friend

who can support his loved one until the end

He doubts his power, his will, his determination…

chants of supports from an entire nation

he blanks out from his own inspiration

just focus, no fainting

wakes up 3 hours later, 20 pictures painted

his phone starts ringing, calls are in, he is winning

place your bets now, richer in spirit than a dead cash cow

The game of life, no strive

flows his brush with paint, no hype

plays guitar, makes music with his heart

sings to your soul, deeper than galaxy’s black hole

still standing like a lamp pole.

onto his new plan, 20 years pass, fact remains he is the man

tai chi, him and me, conversing about ideas

confident and persistent he is, synnkune

reading passages from his chinese notebooks

reads…. 1 page interpretation, cantonese

motivated, listen to his story please

from his knees

his hopes and dreams

this year, next year, he tells you he has no fear

whats up next, highlight of the night

he shoots, he scores

people begging for more, what will his brush paint next

see it once, be perplexed, still the best

Synn Kune Loh